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really cute lil puzzler, very well done. Love the music

Awesome game! Great game system design and concept. Aesthetics & music are also nice! I want to play more but gotta go. You have my vote at the monthly voting thing!

Few things:
Wish there was a way to increase move speed permanently at the shop. I feel slightly slow.
When I loaded a save, I was stuck on a black screen. Things were there, as evident by some footstep sounds, but nothing was visible, except my cursor.
Sometimes it can be hard to tell where a collision box of a prop ends due to the fake perspective.
The guns are really creative in terms of names and visuals but they more or less all function the same (from the ones I bought) - I wish there were some more that create more different ways to play.
The concept of jumping off should be explained before dying instead of afterwards. Frustrating moment early on when you realize you didn't have to die and now your stuff is gone.

Good concept and nice aesthetic but there are a few things that make it a little boring and work against the concept at the same time.

1. The paddles don't matter. You may as well just have the dvd logo screen. The ball can never go out and the player can't make either paddle lose. The paddles are just aesthetics. That goes against the concept of it being like pong IMO
2. Walls killing you is weird and unexpected. Had a run that already felt like it took a little long for what the game has to offer in terms of variety, only to then die to a wall because I didn't expect it to kill me.
3. There's just not enough happening for the expected playtime of a run. It needs more variety or more interactivity, like how could the player possibly interact with the ball or with the paddles in order to try forcing a lose on one of the sides for example?

Of course I understand that adding more stuff within the time of 2 days is a lot to ask but I'm just sharing my thoughts on how it could be a more exciting game (to me) because I do like the idea behind it.

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Love it! Thank you for being at our music jam once again :)

Still in love with dat bass

Simply beautiful. I am now listening to this every day to drift off to sleep

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